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Here you will find answera to frequently ask questrions

Can I run my Pumping Unit in either direction?

Conventional  and Air Balanced units can be ran in either direction. All pumping units have a preferred direction of rotation, however, only conventional and air balanced units can achieve their peak performance in either rotation direction.

Class III units ( Mark) and phased crank units (Reverse Mark) must be operated in only one direction.

What is fluid pound and does it affect my pumping unit?

Fluid pound occurs when the downhole pump rate exceeds the production rate of the formation.It can also be due to the accumulation of low pressure gas between the valves of the pump.
On the downstroke the gas is compressed but the pressure inside the barrel does not open the traveling valve until the traveling valve strikes the liquid. When the traveling valve does open the weight on the rod string can suddenly drop thousands of pounds in a fraction of a second. This condition causes extreme stresses which can result in premature equipment failure.

To correct this problem, slow down the pumping unit, shorten the stroke length or consider installing a smaller diameter bottom hole pump.

Does OKY lease units?

Yes. We lease conventional pumping units with power. Delivered & Set on your location. We also Have a portable trailer mounted Lufkin 456-305-120 Roadrunner with Gas Power that can be delivered

to your location.This unit can can be delivered and erected in a much shorter time making it more economical to test your well.

Minimum lease period is 1 month.

What does API unit designation mean?

An example of a API unit designation is 320-256-120.

320 – Peak Gear box Torgue in thousands of lbs.

256 – Structural Capacity – Peak Polish Rod Load              

120 -  Maximum Stroke Length

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